Arduino 9 ašių priedėlis

Gamintojas: Arduino
Prekės kodas: ARD-03846
Prieinamumas: Laikinai Neturime
Be mokesčių: 30.33€


The Arduino 9 Axes Motion Shield is based on the BNO055 absolute orientation sensor (datasheet) from Bosch Sensortec GmbH. 

The BNO055 is a System in Package (SiP), integrating a triaxial 14-bit accelerometer, a triaxial 16-bit gyroscope with a range of ±2000 degrees per second, a triaxial geomagnetic sensor and a 32-bit microcontroller running the BSX3.0 FusionLib software. 
The sensor features three-dimensional acceleration, yaw rate and magnetic field strength data each in 3 perpendicular axes. 
It also provides the sensor fusion signals such as 
  • Quaternion
  • Euler angles
  • Rotation vector
  • Linear acceleration
  • Gravity vector
In addition, it incorporates an intelligent interrupt engine, which allows for triggering interrupts based on
  • slow or no motion recognition
  • any motion (slope) detection 
  • high-g-detection.