Arduino PoE Modulis 12V

Gamintojas: Arduino
Prekės kodas: ARD-02230
Prieinamumas: Laikinai Neturime
Be mokesčių: 15.54€


IEEE802.3af compliant

Low output ripple and noise
Input voltage: 36V to 57V
Can be used with the Arduino Ethernet shield and Arduino Ethernet

Arduino introduces the Arduino PoE Module. It is designed to extract power from a conventional twisted pair category 5 Ethernet cable, conforming to the IEEE 802.3af Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standard. The Ag9120-S provides the PoE compatibility signature and power classification required by the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) before applying up to 15W power to the port. The high efficiency DC/DC converter operates over a wide input voltage range (36V to 48V typ) and provides a regulated low ripple and low noise output. The DC/DC converter also has built-in overload and short-circuit output protection.

Note: The PoE module is not compatible with the Yun because it is a 12V module while the Yun needs a 5V module.

Small SIL package size - 56mm (L) x 14mm (H)
Overload and short-circuit protection
High efficiency DC/DC converter (75% typ)
1500V isolation (input to output)