Mini V-Slot karietėlės rinkinys montuojamas ant aliuminio profilio

Prekės kodas: HW1270GK
Prieinamumas: Pristatymas 3-7 d.d.
Be mokesčių: 21.90€


The Mini V Gantry Set makes building your project easy. 

You can use this Mini V Gantry to ride on any 20mm side of the V-Slot Linear Rail system.

"These Mini V Gantry Sets also work well with the Mini V Linear Actuator System to allow for quick assembly of limitless machine designs!"

Set Includes:
(1) Mini V Wheel Plate
(4) Delrin Mini V Wheel Kit
(2) Aluminum Spacers - 6mm
(2) Eccentric Spacers - 6mm
(4) Low Profile Screws - 25mm
(4) Low Profile Screws - 10mm
(4) Zip Ties