DC-DC Įtampos keitiklis su potenciometru 2V-24V 2577 (STEP UP)

Prekės kodas: AN0214-141A
Prieinamumas: Turime parduotuvėje Vilniuje
Be mokesčių: 1.41€


Module characteristics

1) Maximum output current: 2A (recommended for use within 1A)

2) Input voltage: 2 v-24 v

3) The maximum output voltage:> 28v(Recommended in the26V within the use)

4) Efficiency:> 93%(Efficiency and input and output of the differential pressure)

5)size:30 mm* 17Mm* 14Mm(long*Width Height)


1) This module is a boost module, the output voltage is greater than the input voltage   

2) Peak current output current does not exceed 2A