Easycap 4 kanalų DVR CCTV video kamerų vaizdo ir garso įrašymo įrenginys USB 2.0

Prekės kodas: AS0096
Prieinamumas: Laikinai Neturime
Be mokesčių: 9.92€


Easycap 4 Channel USB DVR CCTV Camera Audio Video Adapter Recorder

1. Send e-mails attachment with image.
2. Save image on Hard Disk.
3. Sound alarm.
4. Video signal filter, for filtrate Active and Invalid channel.
5. Signal lost alarm.
6. Motion Detection.
7. Adjustable sensitivity.
8. Automatically lock, while not any operate.
9. Schedule Monitoring sessions, for timer snap.
10. Record video/audio(with usb2.0 audio interface),snap shot.
11. Automatic Space Management. Stop recorder or capture still automatically on disk full.
12. Support 4 Channel Video input on one computer.
13. Support On Screen Display. Display?s date and time, or channel description on video.
14. Supports manual close Invalid channel.
15. auto log out function for preventing PC deadlock

Comaptible with: Window XP/Win 7 (Not for Win 8/ Win 10)