K150 PIC programatorius
Description: Support the most popular programming PIC chips, read, encryption and other features! No external power supply, communication and power is only a U..
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USBasp USB ISP Programatorius
Product Features 500mA over-current protection with self-healing fuse, to protect expensive computer motherboard! Designed specifically for notebook computers,..
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ULINK2 emuliatorius palaiko naujausias versijas MDK5.0/Cortex-M4
Full compatible with the latest MDK software version Support firmware update automatically Support standard Windows USB driver Plug and play Support ARM Cortex-..
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CH341A Gold SPI flash programatorius
AMIC: A25L05P, A25L10P, A25L20P, A25L40P, A25L80P, A25L16P ATMEL: AT25DF041A, AT25DF321, AT25F004, AT25F512A, AT25F2048, AT25F4096, AT25F1024A,..
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Kanda 6pin i 10pin adapteris
This is a 10 Pin to Standard 6 Pin Adapter Board For ATMEL AVRISP / USBASP / STK500 and other standard programming interfaces. It can be used to interface to st..
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USBtinyISP AVR Bootloader Programatorius
USBtinyISP is designed for AVR ,based on USB connector’s ISP download wire, officially supported by ForArduino IDE.The ForArduino IDE compatible USBtinyISP down..
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MX25L6405 W25Q64 USB Programatorius
To all sorts of color TV set memory (24 series IC), LCD (24.25 series IC) desktop motherboard (25 series IC) notebook (25 series IC) router (25 series IC) card ..
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Gnybtas SOP8 SOIC8 mikroschemoms su PCB adapteriu BIOS 24/25/93 programavimui
Suitable for EEPROM 93CXX / 25CXX / 24CXX In-circuit Programming.TEST CLIP: SOIC 8 / SOP8Connector type: Test ClipPin format: SOIC / SOPPackage includes:1 x Cli..
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Gnybtas SOP16 SOIC16 mikroschemoms BIOS 24/25/93 programavimui
TEST CLIP, SOIC16/ SOP16Connector type: Test ClipPin format: SOIC / SOPPackage include:1x SOP16 Clip1x Cable1x Adapter Board ..
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Adapteris PICKIT programatoriams
The base supports the following microcontrollers programming: PIC16 / 18XX 40PIN series devices (except 16F59) PIC16 / 18XX 28PIN devices Series PIC16 / 18XX..
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Žnyplės procesorių ištraukimui
Type: U shapeEnds shape: FlatExplosion-proof: YesColor: Green..
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PICKIT3 Programatorius
Description: This is the new PICkit 3  Microchip compatible. If you want an official programmer from Microchip, this is it! The PICkit 3 allows debugging a..
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ST-Link V2 STM Mikrovaldiklių Programatorius
Support the full range of STM32 SWD debugging interface, a simple 4-wire interface (including power), fast, stable; interface definition housing directly ma..
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Programatorius ir debugeris Xilinx įrenginiams
The Platform Cable USB a USB compatible cable for in-circuit configuration and programming of all Xilinx devices. It is compatible with the original XILINX Plat..
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