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Kintamos srovės matavimo modulis - 30A
Description : 30A SCT-013-030 Non-invasive Split Core Current Transformer AC Current SensorNon-..
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GD 100F Monetų skaitytuvas vendingo aparatams
Against and currency Protection against electric shock No card currency Style: Side vote Coin: G..
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Touch sensor - lietimui jautrus jungiklis
Touch switch module Double sided touch sensors TouchPad 4p/3p interface Button Switch Sensor for ard..
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Lietimui jautraus jungiklio modulis TTP223B
•  The module is based on a touch-sensing IC  (TTP223B) capacitive touch switch modul..
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DIY Arcade žaidimų mygtukų rinkinys
HS1025 2 Players DIY Arcade Joystick Kits With 20 LED Arcade Buttons + 2 Joysticks + 2 USB Encoder K..
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LJ8A3-2-Z/AX-5V induktyvinis atstumo matavimo modulis
Modelis LJ8A3-2 serija Išmatavimai M8x50 Jungimo tipas ..
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 ACS712 srovės sensorius 30A
Srovės fiksavimas ir valdymas yra vienas iš esminių reikalavimų didžiojoje daugumoje apl..
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RBS021202 Pakreipimo ir vibracijos jutiklis
Tilt & vibration sensor, normally closed switch, SMT, tilt angle: >20° contact: 10mA/5VD..
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RBS021002 Pakreipimo ir vibracijos jutiklis
Tilt & vibration sensor, normally closed switch, SMT, tilt angle: >20° contact: 10mA/5VD..
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RBS020902 Pakreipimo ir vibracijos jutiklis
Tilt & vibration sensor, normally open switch, SMT, tilt angle: <20°contact: 10mA/5VDC/10..
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HY-SRF05 ultragarsinis atstumo matavimo modulis
Specification: Input voltage: 5V DC Quiescent current: < 2mA Output level(high): 5V Output level..
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UART piršto anspaudo skaitytyvas
Each person’s fingerprint is unique, just like DNA, you can use fingerprint to replace your ke..
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MPR121 12-kanalų lietimui jautrių mygtukų modulis I2C - Adafruit
Add lots of touch sensors to your next microcontroller project with this easy-to-use 12-channel ca..
ILD213T 2-kanalų optoizoliatorius - SparkFun
This is a board designed for opto-isolation. This board is helpful for connecting digital syste..
I2C TCA9548A multiplekseris - Adafruit
DESCRIPTION You just found the perfect I2C sensor, and you want to wire up two or three or more o..
APDS-9960 RGB jutiklis ir gestų atpažinimo modulis 3,3V I2C - SparkFun
This is the SparkFun RGB and Gesture Sensor, a small breakout board with a built in APDS-9960 sensor..
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