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HC-SR04P ultragarsinis atstumo matavimo modulis 3.3-5V
Working Voltage : 3.3v-5V(DC)Static Current: Less than 2mA.Output Signal: Electric frequency signal, high level 5V, low level 0V.Sensor Angle: Not more than 15 ..
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This is a light sensor.It is used to detecting light.It also can be used as a component detection of other sensors for testing many non-electric quantity , as l..
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DFRobot 27 skirtinų sensorių rinkinys
If you want to start playing with sensors, this sensor kit for arduino will be the perfect choice for you to get started. It comes with bundle of the most popul..
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 Enkoderis Bourns mechaninis 24 impulsų 10mA
Incremental encoder, THT, 24PPR, 10mA Dimensions: 7x5mm, thread: M7 x 0.75, shaft length: 15mm, shaft diameter:12mm Pulses Per Revolution 24 Shaft ..
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Enkoderis mechaninis 12 impulsų THT 5 mA
Standard Type Actuator length 25mm Torque Standard3 to 20mN・m Number of detent 12 Number of pulse 12 Operating direction Vertica..
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Enkoderis mechaninis 9 impulsų su jungikliu THT 10 mA
Structure Vertical Actuator configuration Flat Actuator length 20mm Number of detent 18 Number of pulse 9 Push-on switch Wi..
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Enkoderis mechaninis 24 impulsų THT 5 mA
Standard Type Actuator length 20mm Torque Lightest (jog)10mN・m max Number of detent Without Number of pulse 24 Operating directio..
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Enkoderis mechaninis 15 impulsų su jungikliu THT 5 mA
With Switch Type (Vehicle-compatible) Actuator length 17.5mm Detent torque 5±3mN・m Number of detent 30 Number of pulse 15 ..
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Knock Sensor modulis
The knock sensor, detects the knocks and the taps. It can work like a switch. The sensor output normally stays at High logic. The spring inside this senso..
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Piršto atspaudų skaneris -  TTL GT-521F32
Modulio pirštų atspaudų atpažinimas su 32 bitų mikrokontroleriu ARM Cortex M3, skirtas bendrauti naudojant paprastas komandas, siunčiamas per nuosekliąją sąsają..
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Holo sensorius PNP SM8-31010PB
Hall sensor PNP, NC, with magnet 10mm, 5-24VDC cylindrical metal, 8mm, embedded, wire 2mb..
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LJ8A3-2-Z/AX-5V induktyvinis atstumo matavimo modulis
Modelis LJ8A3-2 serija Išmatavimai M8x50 Jungimo tipas Neekranuotas Veikimo atstumas 2mm Nustato..
MAX7219 8x8 matricos modulis
Šis produktas yra varomas serijine 8x8 LED matrica, kuri varoma MAX7219. 8x8 LED matrica yra lengva naudoti ir suderinama su Arduino, tereikia tik trijų duomenų..
DFRobot Analog pH Meter - Rūgštingumo matuoklis
Need to measure water quality and other parameters but haven't got any low cost pH meter? Find it difficult to use with Arduino? DFRobot analog pH meter, spec..
6 Monetų skaitytuvas DG600F
Description: Are you trying to make a quick dime from electronics? Why limit yourself to dimes? This coin acceptor will take up to 6 different kinds of coin! ..
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