2x15W TA2024 HIFI Digital Audio Amplifier 12V

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1. This is a small digital amplifier board, its expertise is digital signal processing technology and design mixed signal processing and power integrated circuit

2. It is good, the efficiency high fidelity. Easy to carry, no small body heat

3. Widely used in multimedia computer, portable audio, home theater, car audio, etc

4. No heat sink; Suitable for any 4-8 ohms speakers

5. Compared with the traditional AB kind of power amplifier sound extremely high

6. Sound quite or more than class power amplifier

7. Single power design

8. Mute and Sleep inputs

9. Turn-on & turn-off pop suppression

10. Over-current protection

11. Over-temperature protection



Single 12 volts power supply

Class-T type

Dynamic range: 102 dB

Size: 9 x 5.3cm