3.2 inch TFT LCD Touch Screen Module

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Touch screens are now found everywhere, from phones to public transportation, so why not install such a screen in your desired project? This 82mm touchscreen TFT LCD screen shield is a great choice for the Intel Atom microcontroller projects: its size is large enough for a complex menu, but it will even fit on a robot toy. Everything is already assembled, so no soldering will be needed, just connect it to the microcontroller.
The contacts of the module are gold plated, which ensures good electrical conductivity. The screen has a backlight, many colors and a higher than usual screen resolution. The module already has built-in RAM memory, so the microcontroller needs much less processing power.
In the set:
  • Touch screen LCD shield
  • Touch screen wand
  • Touch is controlled via the XPT2046 module
  • Gold-plated electrical contacts
  • Compatible withall Intel Atom microcontrollers
  • Compatible with Arduino microcontrollers
  • Open source components
  • 320 x 240 pixel resolution
  • Touch screen with 82 mm diagonal
  • 16 bit video signal
  • The touch signal is controlled by the SPI interface
  • Logic and power signal voltage: 3.3-5V
  • PWM controlled screen brightness
  • 262,000 RGB colors
  • 172.8 kB ram memory
Links and applications:  
  • Touch screen projects for Arduino
  • Touch screen projects for Intel Atom
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