AC-DC Converter from 230V to 5V 600mA (STEP DOWN)

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Product Features:
1. The Ultra-Thin, Subminiature
2. The Full Voltage Input (90 ~ 264 Vac)
3. Low Ripple and Low Noise
4. Output Overload Short Circuit Protection Function
5. High Efficiency and Power Density
6. Product Design To Meet The EMC and Safety Testing Requirements
7. Low Power Consumption, Green Environmental Protection, No-Load Loss < 0.1 W
Aging and
8.100% Load Test
9. Meet The Requirements Of UL, CE,
The Quality Guarantee Period Of 10.1 Years
2. Environmental Conditions
The Name Of The Project
Technical Indicators:Single Bit
Working Temperature: - 20-60 +Degree
Storage Temperature: + 80-40 -Degree
Relative Humidity: 5-95.%
The Cooling Way: Natural Cooling