Baseus Simbo Power bank 10000mAh PD 3A - White

Brand: Baseus
Product Code: PPALL-QB02
EAN: 6953156278837
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Quick Charging with Baseus Power bank

As a pioneer in fast charging Power Delivery technology with a powerbank, Baseus automatically adjusts the maximum current and voltage to achieve a safe but fast charge. The Powerbank can also be recharged using PD technology.

Lightweight and thin construction

With its extremely thin design, Power Bank Baseus is very comfortable to use and much lighter than a common smartphone.

Charge two devices simultaneously

With two inputs (1x USB, 1x USB Type-C), you can safely charge two devices at the same time. Power bank independently and safely distributes power to the individual devices.

Stylish design

Powerbank Baseus is a very fast and safe way to charge, but it also looks great. Made of high quality materials, it is resistant to minor mechanical damage, and its thin design makes it extraordinarily compact.


Name Simbo power bank 10000mAh
Product code PPALL-QB02
Capacity 10000 mAh
Color White
Dimensions 128 x 65 x 13 mm
Weight 167 g

USB-C: 5V / 2,4A

Lightning: 5V / 1,5A


USB-C: 5V / 3A

USB: 5V / 2,1A