Bluno M3 STM32 ARM Cortex + BLE Bluetooth 4.0

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Bluno M3 STM32 ARM Cortex + BLE Bluetooth 4.0 microcontroller compatible with Arduino. The built-in Bluetooth connection module will allow you to connect it to various devices, even a smartphone, which will allow you to add a whole new way of controlling your projects. The BLE communication standard uses very little power, making it ideal for battery-powered projects. And since all pins remain free, any project created with UNO can be easily ported to the wireless Bluno platform, as the connection layout is analogous to the Arduino Uno, with more PWM and analog input pins. The 32-bit architecture microcontroller is much more powerful than the standard Atmel328, so the microcontroller has more computing power, memory and other resources.
The manufacturer has developed an Android and iOS app that allows many features to be easily accessed on the phone, and since it’s all open source, you’ll be able to modify it yourself.

Note: Bluetooth devices must be disconnected before uploading a new control code. The IDE is only supported on the Windows operating system.

Technical specs and features:

  • Supports Bluetooth wireless control, programming and other functions
  • Memory size: 512K
  • SRAM memory: 64K
  • Microprocessor: STM32 F103RET6
  • Operating frequency: 72 MHz
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Bluetooth module: TI CC2540 BT 4.0, communication distance up to 30m
  • Number of digital signal pins: 39 (16 of them PWM)
  • Number of analog input pins: 11
  • Supply voltage: 5V DC (via micro USB) or 7-12V via DC connector
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V
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