CH375B U-DISK Read-write module with USB

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USB interface in the current electronic products accounted for a very large share of the microcontroller with USB interface communication direction of one of the most popular microcomputer application master chip module using the CH375, CH375 is a USB bus interface chip to support USB-The HOST and USB-DEVICE/SLAVE equipment the way. Locally, CH375 with 8-bit data bus and read, write, chip select control lines and interrupt output can be easily attached to the system bus of the microcontroller/DSP/MCU/MPU controller. USB host mode, CH375 also provides serial communication via serial input, serial output, and interrupt output monolithic/DSP/MCU/MPU connected.

CH375 USB device mode is fully compatible with CH372, CH375 contains all the features of the CH372. Common CH375 USB host mode support USB full-speed device, external microcontroller can through the the CH375 in accordance with the USB protocol and USB device communication. CH375 firmware also built a dedicated protocol processing Mass-Storage mass storage devices, external microcontroller can be directly used as the basic unit of reading and writing in sectors USB storage devices (including USB hard disk/USB flash drive/U disk).


  • 2x8 connector, easy with the MCU mount.
  • Jumper selectable, can work in parallel or serial mode.
  • USB status indicator.
  • Onboard 3.3V LDO 1117, provides 800mA current.
  • 5V power supply is powered from the target board.
  • 12MHZ crystal.
  • PCB size: 30.16MM * 47.50MM