Cubiio PL-01 Portable Laser Engraving Printer / Laser Cutting USB Carving Machine for Multiple Materials Black

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What is Cubiio — The Most Compact Laser Engraver

Cubiio is the laser engraver that has it all. It is small enough to fit the palm of your hand, is light in weight and comes in a beautiful design. It achieves all these without any compromise to the functionality. This is an unbiased review based on Cubiio’s specifications, research and customer responses.

The Physical Design

As aforementioned, Cubiio is unlike the other laser engravers out there in that it is small enough to fit the palm of your hand, hence rendering it portable. It is cubic with 50mm by 50mm in dimensions. And, it has a small square-shaped laser indicator on one face with a touch switch, and a Micro SD and Micro USB port on another face. It is finished with anodized aluminum, which gives it a classy and quality feel. This design comes in five rich and beautiful colors: red, black, dark bronze, gold, and blue. You, therefore, don’t have to compromise beauty anymore so as to get a good laser engraver.

The Functionality

Cubiio uses OSRAM semiconductor blue color laser which has a lifetime estimation of 10 000 hours. Its laser output is at 100 level, with a maximum output of 800 mW with CubiioShield, and a maximum of 500 mW without CubiioShield. Its routing speed is a whopping 2000 mm/min at maximum level. Cubiio’s resolution is adjustable between 152-254 dpi. The supported file formats are BMP and G-Code

How to use Cubiio

Cubiio is wirelessly controlled by the Cubiio App which can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play Store. Once the app has launched, all you have to do is choose a G-Code file or write something in Cubiio App, then place the item that you want to engrave in front of Cubiio, preview and align it then press Start, and that’s just about all there is.

PROS — What’s Cool

The most obvious upside of Cubiio is its small size. This does not only render it portable but with the inclusion of different colors and the anodized aluminum finish, it gives it a beautiful and classy feel. Cubiio can be used to cut and engrave different materials. There are: paperboard, cardboard, fabric, felt, leather, wood, non-transparent acrylic, and metal.

Unlike traditional laser engravers that come with assembly instructions, Cubiio is quite easy to use the batch features is another upside of Cubiio. This enables continuous production by allowing easy repetition or movement to the next file.

Safety Measures

Due to the many possible side effects of a laser device. Cubiio has enforced many safety measures for the protection of the user. In every Cubiio package, there are goggles to offer eye protection while using Cubiio. There is also a password lock to prevent access to unauthorized users.

A bright LED light is available to indicate when the laser is operating. When there is accidental movement during operation, Cubiio will shut down This is made possible by the motion detector that is available. Cubiio also shut down when there is such as overheat that it may lead to damage. This is because Cubiio should work in an environment with sufficient heat dissipation. For those users who have a higher safety standard, CubiioSheild offers upgraded protection.