DDS Function Signal Generator - Square Triangle Sawtooth Wave Low Frequency

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The function (waveform) signal generator can generate certain periodic time function waveforms (sine, square, triangle, sawtooth, pulse, etc.) signals. Its frequency range can range from a few micro-hertz to tens of megahertz. Function signal generators are widely used in circuit experiments, equipment testing, learning and designing circuit.


  • Frequency: 1HZ-65534Hz (almost no distortion, the enlarged part adopts TL082)
  • High-Speed Frequency (HS) Square Wave: 1MHZ/2MHZ/4MHZ/8MHZ signal
  • The offset amplitude of the signal generated by the DDS can be adjusted separately by two potentiometers
  • Signals generated by DDS: sine wave, square wave, sawtooth wave, reverse sawtooth wave, triangular wave, ECG wave and noise wave
  • 1602 LCD screen
  • 5 Keys for operation
  • Step Frequency Value: 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 Hz
  • The last used configuration is automatically restored after the power is turned on
  • The offset is 0.5pp-5Vpp
  • The amplitude is 0.5Vpp-14Vpp
  • Output Impedance: 20-200Ω
  • Operating Voltage: DC9V