DFRobot Audio Shield For DFRduino M0 5V WAV IIS 3.5 mm

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DFRduino M0 Audio Expansion Shield selects the latest full-featured WM8978 of Wolfson as the audio processor. It comes with HI-FI level digital signal processing kernel, supporting 3D surround-sound enhancement and 5 frequency bands balance which can improve the sound quality. With a programmable notch filter, it also can filter noise caused by current noise, etc.


WM8978 professional Hi-Fi codec chip

Standard IIS interface

Dual 3W amplifier

Support onboard MIC, DC3.5 MIC Input


Operating Voltage: 5V

Maximum Operating Current: 2A

Audio Format: wav file

DFRduino M0 shield package

Input Interface: 3.5mm MIC & On-board MIC

Output Interface: 3.5MIC headphone & XH2.54 Speaker pins

Dimension: 55mm * 53mm/2.16" * 2.08"

Weight 26g


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