Dobot M1 robot ARM

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Extremely easy to use manipulator with a payload up to 1.5 kg. the Device can be monitored, in particular, with USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth, for example, with a smartphone and applications. Through the simple mechanism of replacing tips, the robot can perform many functions such as laser cutting or 3D printing.


The contents of the set

Included in addition to the manipulator are also modules and additional tools. Their list is in the table below.

L. p. Name

The contents

1 The shoulder of the robot
  • Dobot M1
2 Capture
  • The capture module
3 Air pump
  • Controller air pump
  • Tube
  • Wire
  • Connector 4-pin
4 Suction Cup
  • Module suckers
5 Power supply
  • AC cable
  • DC cable
  • Power supply
6 Connectors and wires
  • Safety switch
  • Connector 4-pin
  • Cable DB9 serial
  • Cable Internet



Shoulder Dobot can be controlled in various ways. The manufacturer has equipped the device, in particular in:

  • Bluetooth - for wireless communication, such as a phone or other BT module.
  • The wi-fi module allows you to communicate via the Internet.
  • The RS-232 port for communication with PC for programming movements, for example, in the form of blocks or in C, C++, C#, Python, or Java using a specialized API.


Dobot Studio allows you to monitor, configure and change the settings of the manipulator without creating any code.


Indexable tools

Through the use of a simple mechanism instruments installed on the end of the robot it is very easy to change. The shoulder can be a 3D printer to make some time to draw pictures with a marker or cut openings using a laser.


The function of Handhold teaching

You can register the moves and then repeat them over the shoulder Dobot. This function allows to control in a very simple and quick way.


Technical information

Capacity 1500 g
Maximum reach 400 mm
Positioning accuracy +/- 0.02 mm




Power supply (included)

from 100 V to 240 V

V 50 / 60 Hz

Outputs / inputs

12 IN THE POST. DC / 7 A

Power consumption

8 inputs, 24 V

8x to get 24 V

Maximum speed

corner: 200 °/S

the linear axis. X/Y: 2000 mm/sec

the linear axis. With: 1000 mm/sec


670 mm


130 × 115 × 12 mm


The movement axis
Axis Range
Shoulder 1 from -90 ° to 90 °
Shoulder 2 from -135 ° to 135 °
Axis 250 mm
Twist grip from +180 ° to -180 °
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