ESD Vetus tweezers set - 9pcs.

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Kit of tweezers made of stainless steel with the non-magnetic properties. They are ideal for sensitive to the magnetic field elements. They have rubber layer so they can be hold steadily. The set has 9 pcs of tweezers


  •     Non-magnetic making of clock making class
  •     Ideal for sensitive to the magnetic field elements
  •     Rubber layer
  •     9 pieces per set
  •     Color: black
  •     Material: metal, plastic


ESD-10 - sharp tip
ESD-11 - long shap
ESD-12 - average shar
ESD-13 - flat
ESD-14 - narrowed sharp
ESD-15A - narrowed one-sided sharp
ESD-15 - curved diagonally
ESD-16 - wide sharp
ESD-17 - curved