Flex Sensor 2.2"

Brand: Sparkfun
Product Code: AN-01640
EAN: 4779044511761
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Sparkfun manufacturer's bending sensor. Its resistance increases as it deforms, changing the size of the bending arc, e.g. bending your finger. Sensors of this type were used by the famous gaming glove "Power Glove" for the NES game console. The sensor connectors are immediately ready to be placed on standard layout boards, so no soldering is required to use it, but it is advisable to do so as the sensor is designed to move it a lot, so it may not work properly without a solid contact.

Note: The sensor is designed to bend so that the text on the sensor is on the inside of the bend. The sensor must not be bent at the base, only at the parts marked with strips.

Technical data:
● Output signal type: analog
● Overall length: 112.24 mm
● Sensor length: 95.25 mm
● Width: 6.35 mm

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