GPS/GNSS Magnetic Mount Antenna - 3m (SMA) 50Ω

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GPS / GLONASS GNSS positioning module for Raspberry Pi, Arduino and other similar microcontrollers. It combines GPS / GLONASS for a very precise position. The module is ideal for outdoor use as it has an IP67 water resistance rating and is UV resistant, the device itself is designed to be particularly easy to use.

Technical specs. and features:

●    Antenna installed
●    3m long cable
●    Holding magnet
●    Supports: GPS / GLONASS GNSS
●    Has an IP67 water resistance rating, and is UV resistant
●    Supply voltage: 3-7V DC
●    Operating current: 15mA
●    Frequency range: 1575 - 1610MHz
●    GPS center frequency: 1575.42MHz
●    GLONASS center frequency: 1602MHz
●    LNA voltage: 3 - 5VDC
●    LNA gain: 28dB
●    LNA current: 10mA
●    Connection: SMA
●    Impedance: 50Ω
●    Right polarization
●    Dimensions: 50x38x17mm
●    Weight: 60g

External links and applications:
●    Car GPS navigation module
●    Security systems
●    Map creation
●    Agriculture