MEAN WELL Power Supply 264W 12VDC 10.8÷13.5VDC 22A

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Manufacturer                             MEAN WELL      

Type of power supply unit           switched-mode               

Application                                 LED        

Kind of power supply                  CV+CC              

Power                                        264W      

Output voltage                          12V DC, 10.8...13.5V DC  

Output current                          22A        

Supply voltage                          90...305V AC, 127...431V DC     

IP rating                                    IP65      

Body dimensions                        90 x 252 x 43.8mm           

Power supply/converter features            rated parameters obtained at full load  

Protection                                 overload, overheating, voltage growth, short-circuit

Weight                                     1.88g      

Operating temperature              -40...70°C            

Electrical connection                  300mm wires    

Number of outputs                     1             

Series                                       HLG-320H

Efficiency                                   91%       


  • active PFC
  • adjustable output voltage and current level

  • Bruto masė: 1.9 kg
  • Garantija (mėn): 84


Installation Manual

 Type:LED Power Supply



 Introduction

The LED power supply is a dedicated LED driving device that delivers a constant current/voltage or generates an

adjustable current controlled by an external dimmer to LEDs. Depending on its types or design concept, some of

them not only have PFC capability but also can be located in a harsh environment such as dusty, humid places.

Mean Well’s LED power supplies include metal case, plastic case, and PCB types.

 Installation

(1)Before commencing any installation or maintenance work, please disconnect the power supply from the utility.

Ensure that it cannot be re-connected inadvertently!

(2)Keep proper ventilation around the unit and do not stack any object on it. Also a 10-15 cm clearance must be

kept when the adjacent device is a heat source.

(3)Mounting orientations other than standard orientation or operate under high ambient temperature may

increase the internal component temperature and will require a de-rating in output current. Please refer to

the specification sheet to receive the optimum mounting position and information about the de-rating curve.

(4)Current rating of an approved primary /secondary cable should be greater than or equal to that of the unit.

Please refer to its specification.

(5)For LED power supplies with waterproof connectors, verify that the linkage between the unit and the lighting

fixture is tight so that water cannot intrude into the system.

(6)For dimmable LED power supplies, make sure that your dimming controller is capable of driving

these units. For ELN series, either “D” or “P” type, require 40mA each unit; for those with “3 in 1” dimming

function, e.g. HLG and LPF series, require 0.15mA each unit.

(7)Wiring: The wire color will vary by country, please refer to the table below.

North America European Harmonized

Live and ACL Black Brown

Neutral and ACN white Blue

PE and FG (Class I only) Green Green/yellow

(a)Connect the FG wire (green or green/yellow) of the LED power supply to PE (green or green/yellow), this

step can be skipped when the unit is marked class II, ungrounded.

(b)Connect the ACL wire (black or brown) of the LED power supply to Live (black or brown).

(c)Connect the ACN wire (white or blue) of the LED power supply to Neutral (white or blue).


Installation Manual

 Warning / Caution !!

(1)Risk of electrical shock and energy hazard. All failure should be examined by a qualified technician. Please do

not remove the case of the power supply by yourself!

(2)Risk of irreparable damage. LED power supplies with IP64 to IP66 rating must be located indoors or in a

location where these units can be sheltered from the rain if outdoors.

(3)Please do not install LED power supplies in places with high ambient temperature or close to fire source.

Please refer to the specifications about the maximum ambient temperature limitations.

(4)Output current and output wattage must not exceed the rated values on the specifications.

(5)The FG ( ) must be well connected to PE(protective earth) if the unit equips with it.

(6)All MW’s PSUs are designed in accordance with EMC regulations and the related test reports are available by

request. Since they are belong to component power supplies and will be installed inside system enclosure,

when they are integrated into a system, the EMC characteristics of the end system must be re-verified again.