Micro:Mate - A Mini Expansion Board for micro:bit (Gravity Compatible) 5V / 3.3 V

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Micro:Mate is a tiny micro:bit I/O expansion board for learning electronics and building DIY projects.
Micro:Mate expands 6 sets of 3-pin I/O interfaces, capable of connecting DFRobot Gravity series modules, servo motors, sensors and jumper wires. Additionally, Pin 8, 12, 16 support voltage switch between 3V-5V, allowing up to 5V 2A digital (PWM) output.


Color coded Gravity 3-Pin interface, compatible with hundreds of plug&play electronic modules
3-way analog input; 6-way digital input/output (PWM); 3V/5V jumper switch; 3.5mm audio jack
External Micro USB power port, up to 5V 2A power output.
Well-designed component lay-out and silk-screen. Reversed connection protection.


Interface: 6 x Gravity 3Pin
Operating Voltage: 5V/3.3V
Input Power: <10W
Measuring Range: 0-3.3V (Analog), 0-5V (Digital):
Dimension:68.5 * 53.3mm/ 2.7 * 2.1 inches


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Micro:Mate Gravity Expansion Board x1
Brass nut M4*5*4 x2