Oscilloscope Hantek DSO5102BM 100MHz - 2 channel

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Digital sscilloscope, dual channel, operating in the frequency band up to 100 MHz. Featuring a sampling rate of 1 GS/s, has an LCD display and a USB slot. Included are two probes, a USB cable, a power cable and a USB disc with the software.


  •     Number of channels: 2
  •     Frequency Range: 100 MHz
  •     Sampling frequency in real time: 1 GS/s
  •     Recording duration: up to 2 MB
  •     Display: colorful WVGA TFT 7" (800 x 480)
  •     Functions of triggering: edge / pulse / width / line / selectable / video / slop / overtime
  •     EXT connector for external triggering
  •     Automatic measurement of the basic parameters of a waveform
  •     The ability to change the color of the menu
  •     USB host, communication with the computer via USB


Two oscilloscope probes
Power cable
USB cable
Communication software PC