Powerbank Romoss UR01 10000mAh (fekete)

Brand: Romoss
Product Code: UR01-302-01
Availability: 4-6 business days
Planuojama gavimo data po užsakymo: 2023-06-09
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Romoss UR01 Powerbank

Powerbank Romoss UR01 can be your indispensable companion during bike trips or moving around the city on a scooter. It is equipped with a special holder, with which you can attach it to the handlebars of a bike or the handlebars of a stroller. The device has 2 built-in USB output ports, and its capacity is 10 000mAh.

Practical mount included

Made of high quality materials, the mount allows you to securely mount the powerbank on your bike, scooter or stroller. Adjustable fastener allows you to fit it perfectly to the size of handlebars or handles. You can successfully fix it both horizontally and vertically - the choice is yours!

Phone holder

On the mount you will find a silicone, non-slip phone holder. It is designed to give your device stability and protect it from falling out, bumps and scratches. So you can free your hands and safely charge your smartphone while on a bike trip or walking around town. Note: the holder is compatible with 4-5.5″ phones.

Large capacity

Don't worry about your devices running out of power when you least expect it. Powerbank has a capacity of 10 000mAh, so you can charge your smartphone or tablet several times. It is a reliable source of power during a trip, at home or in the university.

Charges 2 devices simultaneously

No longer do you have to wait for one of your devices to be charged before connecting another to the powerbank. UR01 is equipped with 2 USB output ports. So you can simultaneously charge for example a phone and tablet. With Romoss you will save time and make your devices quickly ready for action again!

Brand Romoss
Model UR01
Capacity 10,000mAh
Output ports 2x USB
Holder compatibility 4-5.5″ smartphones
Color Black

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