Soldering station 2in1 WEP 853D with Hotair 60W

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The station has three main functions: hot air station and tip-based soldering iron, power supply 15V/1A, and RF signal tester. Temperature adjustment is available in the range of hotair: from 100 °C to 480 °C, the tip range from 200 °C to 480 °C. It has a standby mode, remembers the set temperature. The flow of air through a fan located in the iron.


  •     Supply voltage: 230 VAC (mains)
  •     Durable case
  •     Control via built-in microcontroller that provides high stability, the service life of heating elements and energy savings
  •     Wait state
  •     Read the real temperature of the hot air
  •     Remembers the set temperature
  •     All modules can work independently

Hotair Soldering Iron:

  •     Adjustable temperature hot air from 100 °C to 480 °C
  •     Temperature stability +/- 1 °C
  •     LED display
  •     Temperature setting buttons
  •     Air flow up to 120 l/min
  •     Adjustable air supply with regulator
  •     The air flow is provided through a fan located in the handle

Soldering Iron Tip-based:

  •     Regulation of the soldering tip temperature from 200 °C to 480 °C
  •     Temperature stability +/-2 °C
  •     Ground voltage <2mV
  •     Ground resistance <2ohm
  •     Soldering iron power 60 In

Power supply:

  •     The output voltage of DC 0 V to 15 V
  •     Amperage: 1A
  •     Digital LED display
  •     RF signal tester
  •     Proximity tester signal


Soldering station 853D WEP
Stand for soldering iron tip-based along with a cleaning sponge
Stand the hotair iron
Power cable
Soldering iron with T-I tip
Set of nozzles:
        round with a diameter of 7 mm
        round with a diameter of 9 mm
        square 12x12 mm
Wires for the meter
A gripper for lifting circuits