Soldering station 2in1 WEP 898BD with Hotair 700W

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Soldering iron (60 W) and hot air iron in one. The total capacity of the station is 700 watts. The device has an adjustable temperature, state protection, as well as two LED displays. It remembers the set temperature. The air flow is provided through a fan located in the iron. The device has a sensor in the base that, when you put the iron down, the station cools down the heating element, and then the device enters a low energy consumption mode (the so-called standby mode). This feature allows you to save energy, prolongs the life of the heater and increases safety. Station remembers the set temperature.


  •     Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz (network)
  •     Power: 700 W
  •     The station is controlled by the microcontroller which ensures a high stability
  •     The device has a standby mode
  •     Remembers the set temperature
  •     The station has an ergonomical body

Hotair Soldering Iron:

  •     Adjustable temperature hot air from 100 °C to 480 °C
  •     Temperature stability +/-1 °C
  •     LED display
  •     Temperature setting buttons
  •     Adjustable air supply with regulator
  •     Air flow up to 120 l/min
  •     The head size of the hot air 22 mm
  •     The air flor is provided through a fan located in the handle

Soldering Iron Tip-based:

  •     Solderin iron 907A
  •     Regulation of the soldering tip temperature from 200 °C to 480 °C
  •     Capacity: 60 W
  •     Temperature stability: +/- 1 °C

Station WEP 898BBD
Stand for the hotair iron
Set of nozzles:
        round, diameter 6 mm
        round, diameter of 9 mm
        square 12x12 mm
Stand for the tip-based iron along with a cleaning sponge
Solderin iron 907, with tip T-I
A gripper for lifting circuits