SparkFun GPS Logger Shield 3.3V-5V 20mA 10Hz SD

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SparkFun GPS Logger is an Arduino plug-in for GPS position tracking. Developed by the well-known SparkFun manufacturer, the device has 66 channels, can be battery-powered, has a microSD memory card slot for data storage and many other useful features, making it perfect for even the most advanced GPS projects.

Technical specs. and features:

●    Uses GP3906-TLP GPS Module with 66 channels
●    Can run on CR1225 battery
●    Supply voltage: 5V via Arduino connector
●    Has a microSD memory card slot for data storage
●    Logic signal voltage: 3.3V, automatically changed from 5V via converter
●    Operating current: 30 mA
●    Free solder pads on the layout board
●    Installed switch to replace UART interface connectors (Hardware and software SPI pins)

Note: The set does not include solderable connectors, they are sold separately, you need to solder the contacts to use the shield.

External links and applications:
●    Use of GPS positioning systems in projects