SparkFun INMP401 MEMS Microphone Breakout 1.5 – 3.3VDC 40mW -62dBA

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SparkFun INMP401 MEMS Microphone Breakout features the ADMP401 MEMS microphone. One of the key advantages to this breakout and microphone is the bottom ported input. This means the microphone's input can fit flush against the enclosure of your project. Plus you will not have to deal with trying to solder the microphone's wacky footprint.

Technical specifications:

-3dB roll off at 100Hz and 15kHz

1.5 to 3.3VDC supply voltage

Should comfortably output 40mW

SNR of -62dBA

Additional information:


Eagle Files

Hookup Guide

Datasheet (ADMP401)