SparkFun - Magnetic Card Reader

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Sparkfun magnetic card reader. Data is read by swiping the card through a reader that responds to a changing magnetic field.
The scanner has a DB9 connector that allows you to connect to a computer via the RS232 port (you can use a USB-RS232 converter to use USB). The device does not require additional software, everything is installed just by connecting to a computer ("plug and play")
Technical specs. and features:
●    Data transfer rate: 9600 bps
●    Standard ISO7811
●    Interface: RS232
●    PS / 2 connector for power supply
●    Coding method: F2F
●    Supply voltage: 5V
●    Operating current: <10 mA
●    Card thickness: <1.5 mm
●    Magnetic head life: <800,000 swipes
●    Dimensions: 90 x 27 x 28 mm
●    Weight: 13 g
External links and applications:
●    User guide
●    Financial payment business systems
●    Security systems