TOTEM Starter Kit With Tools

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What is a Starter Kit?

Starter Kit is a Mechanics Kit that has everything you need to start building with Totem.
If you want to combine electronics, Arduino, Raspberry pi, sensors, motors and more you need Totem Mechanics. Totem Mechanics offers everything the makers need for building showcases of  electronics projects in nice structures.
Furthermore, it works as a fantastic tool for makers when building robotics projects.
How to put electronics on Totem mechanical parts? No drilling or difficult cutting, jus use special brackets to put on Totem, Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other electronics on Totem beams or special Totem perforated boards.

Never tried Totem?

Starter Kit is an excellent choice for Totem beginners:

  • It provides Special Totem Tools,
  • Basic building elements (8000 mm of Beams).
  • 17 different types (340 pieces) of brackets for every type of connection - this diversity will help you learn and understand what brackets suits you best.
  • Starter Kit provides nice instructions for starting building Totem Mechanics.
  • Thinking of your convenience all brackets are provided in a nice compartment box.
  • It saves money -  30% compared to purchasing all elements separately.

The Starter Kit Parts List:


Beam Cutter 1  
Board Cutter 1  
Magnetic Screwdriver 1  
Hex Key 2mm  1  


Beam 20   Bolt M3x20 25
Board 10   Bolt M3x8 25
BRACKETS   Bolt M3x6 100
2-hole simple bracket 50   NUTS
2-hole 45 simple bracket 30   Nut M3 6x6 25
L-bracket 20   Nut M3 6x10 75
L-twisted bracket 10   FINISHING
L-twisted mirror bracket 10   Double side filler 20
Swan 90x45 mirror bracket 10   Single side filler 20
Swan 90x45 bracket 10   OTHER
3-hole bracket 20   Nut holder 20
3-hole 45 bracket 10   Tower 1
45x90 bracket 10  
45x90 mirror bracket 10  
2-hole 90 bracket 30  
2-hole 45 bracket 10  
2-hole bracket 20  
C-bracket 50  
L-twisted adj. bracket 20  
L-twisted adj. mirror bracket 20