Ultrasonic cleaner Codyson CD-7910 0.75l 50W

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Ultrasonic cleaner for repair and maintenance of electronic components, cleans using ultrasound in remote places. The device has a capacity of 750 ml, 50 W and has the ability to adjust the operation time.The liquid in the container reaches all places, even ones that are hard to reach. The ultrasound in formes microscopic bubbles in the liquid that break on the surface of the cleaned element, thereby removing the dirt. Increased efficiency of cleaning can be obtained by setting the element close to the generators and by using special cleaning products.


  •     Power supply: from 220 V to 240 V / 50 Hz (network)
  •     Capacity: 50 W
  •     5 > working time: 90 sec / 180 sec / 300 sec / 480 sec / up to 600 h
  •     Ultrasound frequency: 42 000 Hz
  •     Tank made of stainless steel
  •     Tank capacity: 750 ml
  •     LCD display
  •     Unit dimensions: 228 x 172 x 143 mm
  •     Weight: 1 kg


  •     Maintenance of bearings, machinery and other items
  •     Remove residue from brass contacts
  •     Cleaning plastic
  •     Cleaning measuring devices and instruments
  •     Washing jewellery from the polishing paste
  •     Removal of residue
  •     Washing electronic parts
  •     Cleaning printed circuit boards (without removing parts)
  •     Cleaning precision mechanical and electronic components
  •     Washing glass after polishing or grin

Ultrasonic cleaner 750 ml / 50 W digital CD-7910
Watch stand
CD stand
Basket for cleaned elements
The user manual