Waveshare Accessory Shield for Arduino

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Accessory Shield is an Arduino shield for sensors and modules from Waveshare. The shield has most commonly needed sensors and modules for prototyping, so helps you test your prototype much faster. The manufacturer provides libraries and examples for control code.

Technical specs:
●    5-axis joystick
●    Potentiometer
●    Audio signal module
●    Temperature sensor, +- 0.125 ℃ accuracy
●    3-axis accelerometer (for acceleration measurement, ±16g)
●    DS3231 high precision real time clock with oscillator
●    Battery socket for powering the clock
●    128x64 pixel OLED display
●    XBee module connector
●    RGB changeable color LED light
●    Suitable for: Arduino Uno, Leonardo, NUCLEO, XNUCLEO and other similar microcontrollers
External links and applications:
●    Pinout
●    WIKI page