Waveshare E-paper Display Ekranas E-Ink 2.9

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73 mm diagonal E-ink display module suitable for Raspberry Pi, Arduino, STM32 and other similar microcontrollers. Electronic ink (E-ink) technology allows you to use extremely little electric energy to display images, basically it only needs energy to refresh the image on the screen, it also has a particularly high display contrast and viewing angle and does not require a backlight. For these reasons, the technology has become popular in E-readers, and with this module you will be able to adapt the technology to your projects.
The manufacturer includes an instruction manual and application examples.
  • 73 mm diagonal
  • 296x128 pixel resolution 
  • Supports Partial refresh in 0.3s, Full refresh in 2s
  • Controlled using SPI interface
  • Ultra-low power consumption <0.017mW, can operate for some time even without electric power
  • Wide viewing angle: >170 °
  • Operating voltage: 3.3V 
  • 3 or 4 wire SPI
  • Size: 89.5 x 29.05 mm
  • Image color: black and white
  • Electronic price labels
  • Battery powered projects