Dežutė su skyreliais
Dežutė su skyreliais
Sortingbox including 4 dividers.Dimensions: 258 x186 mm..
ROBOTICS TXT ElectroPneumatic rinkinys
The subjects of electro-pneumatics and vacuum technology are demonstrated clearly with the aid of fascinating models such as the pneumatic motor, color sorting ..
PLUS Box 1000 dėžučių su skyreliais rinkinys
Practical storage box with eight sorting boxes and 32 sorting partitions. The cover also serves as the big building board 390 x 270 mm...
Fischertechnik Profi Technical Revolutions rinkinys
On the trail of James Watt, Michael Faraday and other famous inventors. The construction set brings new life to important moments of technology history. Importa..
ROBOTICS TXT valdiklis
ROBOTICS TXT valdiklis
The compact ROBOTICS TXT Controller (90x90x25mm) can easily be controlled using the 2.4” color touch display. The combined Bluetooth/WiFi wireless module offers..
Rušiavimo dežučių plokštė
Using the base plate for the fischertechnik sorting box is a great way to keep your fischertechik components secure and organized. Whether you're using fischert..
Fischertechnik "PROFI DYNAMIC" rinkinys
Fun with physics - Balls race on the unique flex-rails through various obstacle courses They accelerate, decelerate, cause chain reactions, shoot through the lo..
PLUS Motor Set XS variklio rinkinys
Thanks to the compact measurements, this motor can be installed almost anyplace. In addition to the building blocks, gearbox parts and toothed gears, the set al..
Fischertechnik Profi Mechanic and Static rinkinys
The ultimate technology construction set for all future mechanical engineers, technicians, and engineers. How does a gear box work? What is a planetary gear? Ho..
ADVANCED Tractor Set IR Control Traktoriaus modelio rinkinys
Complete set with proportional 4-channel infrared remote control, servo-steering, powerful gear motor and battery holder. Over 540 parts allow construction of a..
PLUS Accu Set nešiojamas maitinimo šaltinis
Charger, which is controlled by a microcontroller and provides reliable protection against overcharging. Very short charging time, max. two hours, powerful NiMH..
ROBOTICS TXT Roboto rinkinys
Four reality-based and fully functional industrial robots: High-rack storage, 3-axis robot and 2 other grappler robots. Sturdy fischertechnik aluminum profiles ..
PLUS Sound+Lights Set garso ir šviesų rinkinys
If you want to breathe still more „life“ into the fischertechnik models using sounds and lights then the „Sound+Lights Set“ is the ideal solution! Up to three d..
Konvejerio simuliacijos rinkinys 24V
The punching machine with conveyor belt simulates conveying and punching of workpieces. The model is ideally combinable with the training model "3-axis robot wi..
PROFI Electronics Elektronikos rinkinys
Where did the term 'Electronics' come from actually? The word 'Electronic' comes from the Greek word 'Elektron'. You can say that it is two words put together; ..
Konvejerio simuliacijos rinkinys 9V
The punching machine with conveyor belt simulates conveying and punching of workpieces. The model is ideally combinable with the training model "3-axis robot wi..
3D-Robot 9V Roboto rinkinys
The 3-axis robot with gripping forceps quickly and precisely positions workpieces in three-dimensional space. Degrees of freedom: Axis 1: turn 180°, axis 2:..
PLUS Power Set maitinimo rinkinys
Power pack and infinite Power Controller. The power supply from the electrical socket for all Fischertechnik models.Power Pack Performance Data: Voltage 9V/2,5 ..
Fischertechnik Valdymo blokas
The four channel infrared remote control allows you to control Fischertechnik models from a distance as well. Up to three motors and one servo can be controlled..
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