Multimetras UNI-T M830 BUZ
AC voltage measurement, range: 0-750 V DC voltage measurement, range: 0-1000 V DC current measurement, range: 0-10 A Resistance measurement, range: 0-2 MΩ Tra..
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Garso lygio matuoklis UT352 UNI-T
This new digital sound level meter with a high accuracy of +/- 1.5dB and a large, backlit and well-organised digital LCD display with bar graph is perfectly sui..
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Multimetras PM8229
Main Features: The instrument is a hand-held intelligent multifunctional measurement instrument, integrating noise, illuminance, humidity, temperature and di..
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Multimetras UNI-T UT120C
UT120 series is a portable, small 3 3/4 auto range digital multimeter, Its complete function, stable performance, high precision, low power consumption, novel s..
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Multimetras UNI-T M890F
DC Voltage : 200mV-1000V [ (0.5% +1 dgt) ] AC voltage : 2V-700V [ (0.8% +3 dgt) ] DC Current : 2mA-20A [ (0.8% +1 dgt) ] AC current : 200mA-20A [ (1.2% +3 ..
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Multimetras skaitmeninis VICTOR VC830L
VICTOR VC830L skaitmeninis multimetras yra svarbi priemonė visiems elektronikos entuziastams ar mėgėjams.Multimetre yra garsinė elektrinės grandinės tikrinimo f..
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Multimetras DT830B
LCD :  3 1/2digits  Maximum reading: 1999 DC Voltage: 200mV/2000mV/20V/200V/1000V AC Voltage: 200V/750V DC Current: 200uA/2000uA/20mA/200mA/10A R..
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Multimetro UT601 komplektas
UNI-T UT601   Maitinimas 6F22 Ekrano dydis  61 x 32 mm   Išmatavimai  172 x 83 x 38mm   Varža 20 Ω/200 Ω/2k Ω/20k Ω/200k Ω/2..
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Multimetras talpos varžos matavimui  UNI-T UT601
UNI-T UT601   Maitinimas 6F22 Ekrano dydis  61 x 32 mm   Išmatavimai  172 x 83 x 38mm   Varža 20 Ω/200 Ω/2k Ω/20k Ω/200k Ω/2..
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Multimetras MT-1508 Pros'Kit
Comply with CE EN61010-1 CATIII 600V Safety rated. Comes with a backlight, 3 1/2 digits 1999 counts, great to understand reading. Auto range functions provi..
Multimetras UNI-T UT58D
SPECIFICATIONS: DC Voltage: 200mV / 20V / 200V / 1000V - best accuracy: +/- (0.5%+1) AC Voltage: 2V / 200V / 1000V - best accuracy: +/- (0.8%+3) DC Current: 2..
Multimetras UNI-T UT105
Multimetras MT-2017 Pro'sKit
With Null DCV, Capacitance measurement Complied with 2008 CE safety standard Double-sided glass epoxy PCB Mirrored Aluminum dial plate 20kΩ/V DC &am..
Multimetras MT-1820 su USB jungtimi Pro'sKit
Product description Counter: 5999Digits: 3 5/6Panel size: 70×50mm, 33mm high figureBacklight: YAnalog bargraph: YAuto/Manual ranging: BothDC (V):..
Multimetras MT-1610 3 In 1 Pro'sKit
3 in 1 for RJ-11 line test, RJ-45 cable test and DMM functions. Test for open circuits , shorts, miswires, reversals and split pairs 3-1/2 digits 1999 count..
Multimetras HYELEC MY65
Complete Function Large LCD display Display: 30 x 60mmLCD, max.reading 19999 counts DC Voltage: 200mV±0.05%, 2/20/200V±0.1%, 1000V±0.1..
Multimetras HYELEC MS88
This instrument complies with IEC 61010-1, CAT. III 1000V and CAT.IV 600V overvoltage standards. It designed according to EN61010-1 Safety standard, and comes w..
Multimetras HYELEC MS84
This instrument complies with IEC 61010-1, CAT. III 1000V and CAT.Ⅳ 600V overvoltage standards. See Specifications.To get the best service from this instrument,..
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