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Didinimo stiklas su LED pašvietimu 8x MA-014 Pro'sKit
‧ Glass lens with hinged stainless cover.‧ Great for very small objects, collection, and jewellery work.   Magnification Lens size Light ..
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Didinimo stiklas su LED ir UV pašvietimu 3x MA-019 Pro'sKit
Features: Comes with 8 LEDs light With UV light for currency or credit card detection Ideal for reading, PCB checking, insect observation.etc   ..
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Didinamieji akiniai su LED pašvietimu MA-016 Pro'sKit
Features:·  Flexible lens combination for higher magnification.·  Detachable LED light device.·  The tilt deg..
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Didinimo stiklas - šviestuvas dioptrijos 3 ir 12 NAR0298 Kemot
Stalinė lempa su padidinimo stiklu.Idealiai tinka ne tik visam elektronikos ir precizinės inžinerijos darbui, bet ir filatelistams, manikiūrui, gydytojo praktik..
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Didinimo stiklas-šviestuvas ZD-140A 56xLED, dioptrijos 5
Lens size: 5inchLens material: glassDiopter: 3D/5D/8DLight source: 56pcs of LED 6wattsSupplied with Electronic Ballast Standard mount: Wall basePower suppl..
Didinimo stiklas-šviestuvas ZD-137 32xLED 3W, dioptrijos 3 ir 12
Magnifier LED Lamp ZD-137 Diameter: 13 cm (4") Lens material: glass Magnification: 3X/12X Lamp: 32 LED /3 W Power Supply: 220 VAC Mounting: Desk top ..
Didinimo stiklas-šviestuvas KEMOT dioptrijos 5 (T4 22W)
- Lens size: 5”- Magnification: 5 dioptres- Power: 220 ~ 240 V AC | 50 Hz- Light source: T4 22 WUsage conditions:- for indoor use only- temperature: -20 - 40- h..
Didinimo stiklas 3.5/20X su LED pašvietimu Pro'sKit
Pull-out with dual lenses 10D(3.5X) / 76D (20X) to meet much applications Comes with 2 LEDs light allowing use in light insufficient place Nonslip handle wi..
Didinamasis stiklas diam. 25mm, 5x, 10x 8PK-MA005 Pro'sKit
Versatile magnifier with one, two or three lenses, can be used alone or with two orthree lens models, used in combination to product several power of magnificat..
Didinamasis stiklas 3.5X su LED pašvietimu MA-021 Pro'sKit
Features Comes with 2 LED lights Suitable for reading, PCB checking and more.   Lensmaterial Magnification Lenssize Lightsou..
Didinamasis stiklas 22X su LED pašvietimu MA-020 Pro'sKit
Features: Comes with 2 LED lights Excellent for jewellery work   Lensmaterial Magnification Lenssize Lightsource Battery ..
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