Išorinė baterija 5V 5000mAh (Power Bank) su saulės baterija

Prekės kodas: ZAS-05531
Prieinamumas: Laikinai Neturime
Be mokesčių: 19.17€


Product Features:

  • Charger allows you to charge almost all portable devices such as PDA, MP3, cell phone, portable DVD player, digital camera and more.
  • The charger has a built-capacity battery so you always carry with you supply enough energy to charge your phone or MP3 player.
  • It is very useful when traveling on business, holiday or for home use.
  • The charger is very handy - fits easily in your pocket.
  • Universal set of terminals allows charging of various types of electronic equipment.
  • By using a large solar panel charger is characterized by fast charging.
  • Before first use, charge the battery fully (the sun: about 15-18 hours or a USB port: 2-3 hours).


  • Battery: Lithium-polymer battery 5000mAh
  • Voltage proposition: 5.5V
  • Current backup time receiver: - about 60-120minut (depending on the device)
  • Fully charge the battery / charger sun: about 15-18 hours
  • Fully charge the battery / charger with a USB port: 2-3 hours


  • Solar charger
  • Charger + USB charging wire in the solar charger
  • The cable USB for charging external devices