Nepertraukiamo maitinimo šaltinis 500W 12V/230Vac KEMOT PROsinus-500

Prekės kodas: URZ3405
EAN: 5901890013093
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Emergency power supply device KEMOT PROsinus-500 is an inverter with pure sine wave output and charging function. It is designed to supply devices with AC voltage of 230 V and nominal power up to 500 W:

-central heating pump

-induction pump

-fireplace installation pump

-automatic installation device, using heat convectors

-other devices with nominal power up to 500 W (800 W peak)

Due to PURE SINE WAVE output voltage PROsinus-500 provides stable operation of the charging devices without overheating of inductive devices, such as pumps or fans. Along with 12V battery, it provides comprehensive, 230V AC power supply. The unit is equipped with a battery protection system against overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage and overheating.

The device can operate in three modes:

1. As an emergency power supply device with charging function - it converts 12V direct current from external accumulator to 230V alternating current, and it recharged external accumulator

2. As a rectifier - it charges an external accumulator (a device must be connected to 230V AC power supply)

3. Inverter - it converts 12V direct current from external accumulator to 230V alternating current

Device is equipped with legible and clear LED display with indicators of the current status of:

-Power supply indicator 230V AC

-Input voltage indicator

-Output voltage and frequency indicator

-Load indicator

-Battery bar


Nominal power: 500 W

Battery voltage: 12V DC

Overvoltage protection point: 15V DC

AC input voltage: 180~275V AC

AC input frequency: 45~60 Hz

AC output voltage: 230V AC ±8%

AC output frequency: 50/60 Hz ±0.5 Hz

AC output waveform: pure sine wave

AC output efficiency >= 85% (DC to AC)

Charging current: max. 10 A

Conversion time <= 4 ms

Protections: Overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating

Environment temperature: 0-40° C

Environment humidity: 10-90%

Weight: 4,6 kg

Dimensions: 14,5x18x24 cm