PROFI Dynamic XL - Marble run rinkinys

Gamintojas: Fischertechnik
Prekės kodas: 524327
EAN: 4048962196108
Prieinamumas: Laikinai Neturime
95.00€ 138.00€
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More action, much faster and much larger! With the special parts such as 90° curves, cross-overs and jumps with catch funnel, the balls race through tight curves and chutes and shoot through different tracks. Discover fascinating conveying techniques: With our mega model the balls are transported back up by a motor-driven conveying wheel. Then even higher by the innovative stage conveyor, which transports the balls one by one all the way to the top in a zig-zag pattern. Once there the balls shoot along their own path downward through the loop, quarterpipe and jumping loop. More ingenious models such as a launching pad, stair step conveyor and chain lift make the subject of conveying technology inspiring.


Technical Data

Size of packaging46,5 x 8 x 39cm
Size of cover models52 x 69cm
Number of models8 
Number of parts1250 
Length of pipe flex-rails5,6m
Power supply system (Battery)9V block required – battery not included