ROBOTICS TXT ElectroPneumatic rinkinys

Gamintojas: Fischertechnik
Prekės kodas: 516186
EAN: 4048962136845
Prieinamumas: Pristatymas 1-2 d.d.
Be mokesčių: 147.93€


The subjects of electro-pneumatics and vacuum technology are demonstrated clearly with the aid of fascinating models such as the pneumatic motor, color sorting robot for colored parts, ball obstacle course and pinball machine. The powerful and compact compressor guarantees a reliable supply of compressed air to the models. The electro-magnetic valves included allow remote control of the models with a PC.

Technical data

  • Size of packaging 46,5 x 8 x 32 cm
  • Number of models 4
  • Number of parts 440
  • Weight 2105 g
  • Volume 0,0119
  • System prerequisites of software Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Power supply system (Battery) 9V Accu Set or Power Set
  • EAN-Code 4048962136845