Skaitmeninio signalo generatorius DC 12V 24V 4-20mA

Prekės kodas: AS1279
Prieinamumas: Turime parduotuvėje Vilniuje
Be mokesčių: 15.37€


Easy to use and connect the wire, good performance.
Knob operation, immediately after adjusting the response output, no delay.
The power port has polarity protection, will not damage the components with power reverse.
Power supply voltage: DC 12V or 24V(tolerance ±25%), total power<1W.
Output load impedance range: 0-350 ohms(DC12V); 0-800 ohms(DC 24V).
The test output is normal, you can use a multimeter shorted "4-20mA output" terminal.
Can be used for signal sources, valve adjustment, output meter test, the light emitting diode test, analog transmitter.


Power supply: DC 12V or 24V
Current: 4-20mA
Total power: <1W
Output load impedance: 0-350 ohms(DC12V); 0-800 ohms(DC 24V)
PCB board size: 50 x 50mm / 1.97 x 1.97in
Product weight: 38g / 1.37oz