TOTEM Sijos 40 cm (20vnt.)

Prekės kodas: T-2M-BM01-A1-20
Prieinamumas: Laikinai Neturime
12.54€ 14.75€
Be mokesčių: 10.36€


Material: ABS-PC plastic
Dimensions: 400x10x10 mm

400 mm Beams – ONE length – lots of possibilities! – just take and CUT it with a special super easy to use Totem Beam Cutter into the length required by your electronics, robotics or other project.

Beam - is one of a basic elements of Totem system. It reflects the userfriendliness philosophy of whole system and it is made thinking about yours future creations

Beams are made of ABS-PC plastic in order to be lightweight, and easy to cut, but still be reliable for your strurdy structures.

We offer one size 400 mm beams - no need to have the exact length of beams for your project - cut beams into the required lengths.