TPU 1.75mm Naturali (guma)

Prekės kodas: TPU Natural
Prieinamumas: Turime parduotuvėje Vilniuje
Be mokesčių: 40.50€


Material: TPU (rubber)


Diameter: 1,75mm

Dimensional tolerance: +/-0,05mm

Roundness: +/-0,03mm

Weight: 1kg net

Spool diameter: 200mm

Spool width: ~70mm

Diameter mounting hole: 52mm



Hot end: 200-2100C

Heating bed: not required

Print speed: till 20 mm/s

It is recommended to use a cleaning sponge filament


Product description:

Filament coiled on a bobbin vacuum packed together with a desiccant. TPU filament has a very good weld ability layers, high durability mechanical stretching, crushing and abrasion, and is resistant to oils.


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