Žingsninio variklio greičio reguliatorius su valdymo pultu

Prekės kodas: AS0635
Prieinamumas: Parduotuvėje Vilniuje YRA
Parduotuvėje Kaune YRA
Be mokesčių: 10.25€


Input Voltage: DC4 ~ 6V / 300 ~ 500mA (so we can input by any battery (not Included), or usb power supply)
Motor type to be guided: Phases 4-lead-wire (3-24 V of the stepper motor can drive the rotation, but in different torque)
Speed Indicator: 9 levels
Can adjust the speed button board or by remote control
Plate size: 52 * 36mm
Type: press 'forward' once, the engine starts to run. Press 'forward' again, the engine stops. And then it goes on.
This also applies when we press 'backward'