2WD Mobile platform Kit with electronics

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The mechanical construction is simple and very easy to install. Also included is a complete equipment for assembly of a simple robot. Included are optical encoders with a resolution of 20 and error measuring 1 - 3mm. Power supply by 4pcs AA batteries, enough for all the peripherals of the robot. The central switch start-stop, driver Liberty 298, ultrasonic sensor and many other components makes this kit a very comprehensive total for the novice who would like to have penetrated into the world of robotics. 

Package list:

  • 1 X Robot car chassis
  • 2 X Car Wheels
  • 2 X DC převodovaný engine
  • 2 X Enkoder
  • 1 X Wheel x 1
  • 1 X Box for 6 batteries
  • 1 X high Quality rocker switch
  • 1 X V5 shield
  • 1 X UNO R3
  • 1 X SG90
  • 1 X FPV
  • 1 X L298N
  • Various bolts and nuts