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Programming Kit for Micro:Bit
micro:bit board *1 micro:bit extension board *1 micro:bit USB cable *1 micro:bit acrylic plastic *1 400 point breadboard *1 Two Color LED Module *1 RGB-LED Modu..
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Microbit Special Battery Box With Switch & Terminal For AA Batteries
Microbit special battery box- Type: AA batteries- Interface: PH2.0- Line length: about 14cm- Compatible with micro:bit power connector..
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ElecFreaks micro:bit Smart Home Kit - without micro:bit board
Smart home Kit is a product about smart home project base on micro:bit which is developed by ELECFREAK. We selected executed components commonly used at home as..
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BBC micro:bit Starter Kit
The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer that you can code, customise and control to bring your digital ideas, games and apps to life. Measuring 4cm by 5cm,..
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ElecFreaks Micro:bit Tinker Kit - without Micro:bit Board
Product FeatureAvailable for use when being plugged.Rich tutorial cases.Connect limitless creativity with different sensors.With Microsoft MakeCode officially c..
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ElecFreaks Micro:bit Starter Kit
ElecFreaks Micro:bit Starter Kit is designed for people who is at the door step of learning electric circuit and programming knowledge. The kit has provided som..
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BBC micro:bit 10 Student Classroom Pack
Perfect for sharing the BBC micro:bit with friends, the BBC micro:bit club is a 10 pack containing all the pieces needed to enjoy BBC micro:bit in STEM groups, ..
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Ring:bit Micro:bit Educational Smart Robot Kit for Kids
FeaturesSmall size with cute outlookProgrammable for road designEnable to draw graphicsMain board and car body are dispensible.Power Supply: 3 AAA batteries..
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ElecFreaks Sensor:bit for Micro:bit
Sensor:bit is a breakout board based on micro:bit. It has extended all available IO ports on micro:bit, and lead out them in the form of GVS. With this board, w..
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ElecFreaks Robit Development Platform for Micro:bit compatible with Makeblock
Robit is a motherboard of smart car based on micro:bit. It is compatible with MBOT. Except for the integration of the simple and convinient RJ25 connector,motor..
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ElecFreaks Power:bit For Micro:bit
ELECFREAKS Power:bit is a kind of micro:bit extension board with minimum size. It is powered by two 2025/2032 button batteries and carries a buzzer on the board..
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ElecFreaks Motor:bit for Micro:bit
ELECFREKAS Motor:bit is a kind of motor drive board based on micro:bit. It has integrated a motor drive chip TB6612, which can drive two DC motors with 1.2..
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ElecFreaks Micro:bit Breadboard Adapter
Micro:bit Breadboard Adapter is a breadboard pinboard based on Micro:bit. It can be directly plugged into breadboard. Through this adapter, you can start variou..
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Edge Connector Breakout Board Kit for BBC micro:bit
This breakout board allows you to connect additional circuits and hardware to the pins on the edge of the BBC micro:bit. It provides access to a large number of..
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Acrylic Base Board with Nylon Watch Bands for Power:bit
This is a chic watch band with a crystal acrylic case. You can connect it with power:bit and BBC micro:bit so as to make your micro:bit become a wearable device..
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Motor Driver Board For the BBC micro:bit
This motor driver board has been designed for use with the BBC micro:bit to drive two motors, making it an ideal tool for designs such as buggies. Features: Dr..
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Kitronik Motor Driver Board for the BBC micro:bit V2
This board provides a simple way to add motor driving capability to a BBC micro:bit. It allows two motors to be driven with full forward, reverse & stop c..
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SparkFun gamer:bit
The SparkFun gamer:bit is a fun-filled “carrier” board for the micro:bit that, when combined with the micro:bit, provides you with a fully functiona..
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SparkFun Breakout Board Kit for BBC micro:bit
The SparkFun micro:bit Breakout is a board that connects to the BBC micro:bit and expands the capabilities of the development platform by providing access to mo..
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Microbit Special Battery Box With Switch & Terminal For AAA Batteries
Specifications:  - Microbit special battery box - Type: AAA batteries - Interface: PH2.0 - Line length: about 14cm- Total Measurement: ..
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