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AtomU - ESP32 IoT development module with USB-A connector - M5Stack K117
Development module from M5Stack - AtomU. It is a development module for prototyping and creating IoT applications. It was equipped with a dual-core ESP32-PICO-D..
4-6 business days
M5Stack Development Kit - 2x15 pin - M5Stack A117
A set of mounting connectors for the M5Stack Core development modules. It consists of 10 pieces of a 2x15 pin male strip and 10 pieces of a 2x15 pin female sock..
4-6 business days
RCWL-9620 ultrasonic distance sensor I/O expansion unit for M5Stack development modules
Unit series extension module - ultrasonic distance sensor, manufactured by M5Stack. The module is compatible with M5Stack Core, M5Atom and M5Stick development m..
4-6 business days
M5Stack Core Basic V2.6 - development module - ESP32
M5Stack Core Basic V2.6 development module based on ESP-32 controller with a dual-core 32-bit Xtensa LX6 microprocessor clocked at up to 240 MHz. It has a WiFi ..
4-6 business days
M5StickC PLUS - IoT development module - ESP32-PICO + watch accessories
M5StickC PLUS - a developer module from M5Stack based on the ESP32-PICO-D4 chip, enhanced with Bluetooth 4.2 and WiFi communication and equipped with a 1.14'' c..
4-6 business days
M5Stack Fire IoT Development Kit V2.6 - ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3 IoT Development Kit - M5Stack
The M5Stack Fire IoT Development Kit V2.6 features a 240 MHz, 600 DMIPS, 520 KB SRAM dual-core Xtensa 32-bit LX6 processor with WiFi and Bluetooth dual-band wir..
4-6 business days
Grove - angled female connector 4-pin - 2mm pitch - SMD - 20 pieces - M5Stack
The connection connector is compatible with the Grove system. The subject of the sale is a female connector with a 2 mm pitch, with 90-degree lead angles. The e..
4-6 business days
MQTT PoE - MQTT Ethernet communication module with PoE port - W5500 - Expansion Unit for M5Stack development modules
Another Unit type of extension designed for M5Stack development modules. MQTT PoE is an Ethernet MQTT communication module, additionally equipped with a port en..
4-6 business days
RCWL-9620 ultrasonic distance sensor - extension module for M5Stack development modules
Unit series ultrasonic distance sensor expansion module manufactured by M5Stack. The extension is compatible with the M5Stack Core, M5Atom and M5Stick developme..
4-6 business days
LAN Module with W5500 V12 - Unit expansion module for M5Stack development modules
The LAN module is an Ethernet controller base, built-in W5500 full hardware Ethernet TCP/IP controller (SPI communication interface). It supports multiple commu..
4-6 business days
Passive Buzzer Unit - Unit expansion module for development modules M5Stack
Buzzer Unit is a small passive buzzer, with a frequency of 4 kHz. The module produces sound up to 72 dB (within a radius of up to 10 cm from the module) at rate..
4-6 business days
I2C Hub 1 to 6 Expansion Unit (PCA9548APW)
PaHUB2 is a module that can extend a single I2C HY2.0-4P interface with an additional 6 I2C channels. It allows mounting slave devices with the same I2C address..
4-6 business days
M5Stamp C3 Mate with Pin Headers
The M5Stamp C3 module from M5Stack features the Espressif ESP32-C3 Risc-V microcontroller with WiFi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity for IoT devices. The com..
4-6 business days
2×15pin female strip for 13.2 module - 2.54 mm pitch - 10 pcs - mounting accessories for M5Stack development modules
A set of 10 BUS connectors socket 13.2. These connectors are designed for M-BUS extension. The strip has 2x15 pins. The spacing and number of holes in the row a..
4-6 business days
M5Stack Atom PSRAM - LCD Display Driver Kit RGB-HDMI
Atom Display module with RGB to HDMI LCD display driver supports images with a maximum resolution of 1280x720px, providing excellent images and vivid colors. Th..
4-6 business days
PAJ7620U2 gesture recognition sensor - Unit expansion module for M5Stack development modules
The PAJ7620U2 from M5Stack is a non-contact sensor that recognizes up to 9 types of different gestures. It uses the I2C bus to communicate with the development ..
4-6 business days
Connection cable for LEGO motor - 30cm
Connection cable to connect main modules from M5Stack with LEGO motors. The cable is ended on one side with a 6-pin connector compatible with the M5Stack LEGO+ ..
4-6 business days
Slide potentiometer B10K + RGB LEDs - expansion module Unit for M5Stack development modules
The module features a 10 kΩ slider potentiometer and 14 SK6812 programmable RGB LEDs arranged on both sides of the slider. The LEDs are used as indicators. The ..
4-6 business days
1.14'' 135x240px LCD display - expansion module Unit for M5Stack development modules
LCD display in the form of Unit type expansion module manufactured by the company famous for its sandwich modules - M5Stack. The diagonal of the screen is 1.14”..
4-6 business days
HYM8563 Real-Time Clock RTC Module - Expansion Unit for M5Stack Development Modules
Programmable real-time RTC clock module in the form of the Unit type expansion module. The module has an integrated HYM8563 time/calendar chip, which is charact..
4-6 business days
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