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PetKit COZY thermo-regulating smart bed
PetKit Cozy intelligent pet bed The intelligent PetKit Cozy pet house will ensure your pet a peaceful rest in a friendly and warm environment. Automatic temper..
3-5 business days
Interactive LED Leash PetKit Go Shine 4.5m
The PetKit Go Shine automatic leash makes walking your dog even more enjoyable. Colorful backlight gives it an original, stylish character, and the built-in fla..
3-5 business days
PetKit Fresh Element Mini smart food dispenser WIFI
The PetKit cat food dispenser will allow you to ensure the right amount of food for your pet. It can hold up to 2.8L of feed, which, thanks to the sealed struct..
3-5 business days
Petkit Eversweet Travel Bottle 400ml for pets
PetKit's portable water bottle is an indispensable accessory for every dog owner. Perfect for travel or a walk. You can operate it with one hand using an intuit..
3-5 business days
PetKit Eversweet 3 dog and cat fountain / drinker
Eversweet smart drinker 3 Constant access to fresh water is extremely important for the health of each pet. Therefore, the intelligent PetKit drinker with a ca..
3-5 business days
Homerunpet CT10 intelligent cat toy
Homerun CT10 - a smart toy for cats There is a real hunter in every cat. With the Homerun CT10 smart toy, you will satisfy your pet's instinctive needs and sti..
3-5 business days
Smart play ball for dog / cat Homerunpet TB10
Homerun TB10 smart ball If your cat is not sufficiently active, not only does it get bored and may start to worry, it also runs around at night and keeps you a..
3-5 business days
PetWant F6 intelligent 6-chamber food dispenser
Feeds your pet all the time! Petwant F6 LED is an automatic feeder for your four-legged friend. You can put any type of meal in 180 ml bowls, and the robot, de..
3-5 business days
PetWant W2 dog and cat fountain / drinker
Water fountain for animals The Petwant water fountain will constantly provide water for your pet and the additional self-cleaning functions will keep the water..
3-5 business days
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