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Marten, mouse and rat repellent - ultrasonic - IP65 - Viano OD-12
The Viano OD-12 is an effective marten repeller as well as an electric repeller for mice, rats and weasels. The OD-12 model has an IP65 housing, which makes it ..
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PetKit Eversweet SOLO dog and cat fountain / drinker
The intelligent PetKit pet drinker will provide your pets with constant access to fresh, purified water. It supports 2 operating modes, and thanks to a carefull..
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Smart play ball for dog / cat Homerunpet TB10
Homerun TB10 smart ball. If your cat is not sufficiently active, not only does it get bored and may start to worry, it also runs around at night and keeps..
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Car rodent deterrent - ultrasonic - wireless - Viano OSA-1
Viano rodent repeller, marten and rat repeller designed for use in a car. Viano OSA-1 is wireless and has a built-in 2x 2000 mAh Li-ion battery. The operating t..
3-5 business days
Rodent repellent - stroboscopic and ultrasonic - with power supply - Viano OD-15
Viano rodent repeller, marten and rat repeller. It uses two ultrasonic and strobe technologies, thanks to which it effectively scares away rodents. The device e..
3-5 business days
Rodent repellent - ultrasonic - with power supply - WaterPro Viano OD-09
Viano rodent deterrent with 12 V mains adapter. Using ultrasonic technology, it effectively repels rodents, which include animals such as martens, weasels, rats..
3-5 business days
PetKit Dog Waste Bag - 8 roll
4-6 business days
PetKit Evertravel Pet Travel Backpack
Explore the world with your pet. Designed for cats and small dogs, the PetKit Evertravel backpack features a large window so your pet can see what's going on ou..
4-6 business days
Smart laser for cats or dogs Petoneer Smart Dot
Cats are born hunters. If you want to keep your pet entertained while helping them stay in great shape, get the Petoneer Smart Dot interactive toy. The device e..
4-6 business days
PetKit Air Magicube air purifier refill 300ml
Specifications:For Air MagicubeFor Home And Pets. Sterilization Rate 99%Solves 4 Problems: Odor ,Bacterial, Formaldehyde, Virus...
4-6 business days
PetKit Pura X litter box odor eliminator refill 55ml 4pcs
For a breath of fresh air, simply refill and spray our deodorizer that will make the real difference in your smelly areas. It eliminates wastewater odors withou..
4-6 business days
PetKit Cooling Cat Pad
Provide your pet with a nice cool down on a hot summer day. The Cooling Cat Pad by Petkit provides quick heat dissipation, and thanks to its construction with e..
4-6 business days
PetKit Cat Waste Bag for PURA X 20pcs
PetKit Cat Waste Bag for PURA X 20pcsSpecifications:Specially designed replacement waste bag for Petkit Pura X Automated Self Clean Cat Litter Box. Made of high..
4-6 business days
Replacement filter for PetKit Pura Air odor eliminator 2pcs
Specifications:Replacement Filters for PETKIT PURA AIR odor eliminator, 2pcs/pack When the Filter light turns on, please replace the filter ..
4-6 business days
2in1 Pet Trimmer Petkit
Are you looking for a reliable tool to trim your pet's fur? The 2-in-1 cordless trimmer by Petkit will be a great choice! It comes with 2 skin-friendly blades t..
4-6 business days
Petkit Nail clippers with LED light
Petkit Nail clippers with LED light Clipping your pets claws is often quite a challenge. Now it will become easier than ever before! Petkit brand scissors ..
4-6 business days
Smart Petoneer Nutri Mini Feeder
Petoneer Nutri Mini is an intelligent food dispenser designed for cats and small dogs. It has been designed in such a way that the food stored in it stays fresh..
4-6 business days
PetKit Pura X intelligent self-cleaning cat litter box
An intelligent, self-cleaning litter box by PetKit is an indispensable device for every cat owner. Equipped with a specially designed filter - it works well in ..
4-6 business days
Interactive LED Leash PetKit Go Shine 4.5m
The PetKit Go Shine automatic leash makes walking your dog even more enjoyable. Colorful backlight gives it an original, stylish character, and the built-in fla..
4-6 business days
Bowl for dogs and cats with scale PetKit FRESH
Adequate diet is extremely important for the health of your pets. However, keep in mind that it is not only the quality of the food they eat that matters, but a..
4-6 business days
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