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The gas sensor Wired Thuja 230V
Gas sensor, natural gas and methane in the color white. Communicates via wi-fi from your smartphone from any place on earth. Will report about leak of gas throu..
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Tuya Smart Life Bulb LED Lanberg RGBW E27.9W
Smart LED bulb with power 9W, is part of home automation systems Smart Life Thuja. The device can be controlled from anywhere in the world with a special applic..
3-5 business days
Switch Gateway ZigBee Z1 Thuja Smart Life
Intelligent multi-function device ZigBee Gateway Z1 in the color white. Is supplied with the voltage of 5 V. the current consumption is 1 amp. ZigBee gateway is..
3-5 business days
3-channel touch wall switch Tuya LS3 ZigBee
Trzykanałowy wall switch, touch. Allows you to control three different lighting circuits. For proper operation of the switch, you need only connect the phase wi..
3-5 business days
Electricity consumption meter - WiFi wattmeter Tuya ZMAi-90 60A
Measuring the energy consumption of the built-in antenna wi-fi operates in the 2.4 GHz band. The device is fully compatible with the Smart app Thuja, which allo..
3-5 business days
Bulb LED Lanberg RGBW Tuya Smart Life 5W
Smart LED bulb company Lanberg. The device using the special mobile application can be controlled via Wi-Fi from any location. Makes possible the installation s..
3-5 business days
Temperature and humidity sensor ZigBee T1 Thuja Smart Life
Compact temperature sensor and humidity ZigBee T1, is available in color white. Powered by one CR2032 battery with the voltage of 3 V (included). Works with swi..
3-5 business days
Power switch WiFi Tuya RTX CB16 1P 16A
Mounted on DIN rail with fuse switch current. It is compatible with the app Thuja Smart, provides remote start-up and shutdown of individual circuits home wirin..
3-5 business days
Temperature and humidity sensor ZigBee LCD TH2 Tuya Smart Life
Compact dimensions, temperature sensor and humidity with LCD display. Measures temperature range from -10°C to 55°C with an accuracy of +/- 0.3°C and humidity f..
3-5 business days
WiFi gate driver Tuya GS1
Thuja GS1 small size, versatile driver gate having a connection to wi-fi. The module is supplied with the voltage of 230 V. the Appliance in cooperation with Th..
3-5 business days
Tuya M1PIR motion sensor ZigBee
Motion sensor (PIR) which can detect movement, the movement of people and large animals in a radius of 7 meters and an angle of 120°. Connects to the network Zi..
3-5 business days
3-channel remote touch wall switch Tuya LS3S ZigBee
Remote control, wall switch with three touch buttonsthat enable you to run three different functions for each of them. The front panel was covered with tempered..
3-5 business days
Power switch WiFi Tuya RTX CB16 2P 2x 16A
The disconnector switch-disconnector DC. The device is compatible with the app Thuja Smart. Allows remote control of electrical circuits ofthat allows. M. in pa..
3-5 business days
Tuya SmartLife Bluetooth RTX TLB1 - heat controller
Electronic thermostatic head. Provides control of the temperature of the heater using a special app Thuja SmartLife via Bluetooth connection. Has a clear LCD di..
3-5 business days
WiFi gate relay Tuya RS1
Compact size, universal module relay Thuja RS1 is designed for installation dopuszkowego in the electric network. The device works with the app Thuja Smart Life..
3-5 business days
Windows and doors Sensor  ZigBee M1 Thuja Smart Life
Smart sensor open Windows and doors in the color white. Works with ZigBee switch within the application Thuja Smart. Powered by one CR2032 battery (included) th..
3-5 business days
Tuya RS2 relay 230V WiFi
Ready the module to dual channel relay WiFi brand Thuja. The device allows you to control two devices of 230 V with maximum power consumption up to 1150, In one..
3-5 business days
PIR movement sensor ZigBee P1 Tuya Smart Life
Intelligent PIR sensor (movement) in the color white, used for wireless motion detection in the premises. Works with ZigBee switch Gateway and the application T..
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1-channel touch wall switch Tuya LS1 ZigBee
One-channel touch wall light switch that allows you to control any light contour. For proper operation of the switch is sufficient to connect only the phase wir..
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Tuya Dimmer - light driver 230V WiFi
A small, ready-made driver module, the backlight 230 V via wi-fi. The module allows to switch on / off the light circuit, and change the brightness of the light..
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